Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Government says " Lokpal Bill to be Passed in this Current Session"

The Government on Tuesday said it will pass the Lokpal Bill during the current session of Parliament. The Bill is stuck in the Rajya Sabha despite being passed in the Lok Sabha.

Union Minister V Narayanasamy confirmed this today even as anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare began his indefinite fast to get his Janlokpal Bill passed in Parliament.

The government's Lokpal Bill was cleared in the Lok Sabha but was stalled in the Upper House during a midnight drama in the House. After the debate which saw acrimonious exchanges between the Treasury and Opposition benches, the draft of the Bill was torn by a RJD member of the House. The Opposition had called this a deliberate attempt of the government to stall the Bill.

The UPA government was forced to draft the anti-corruption Bill after massive protests by Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal in New Delhi's Jantar Mantar and Ramlila Grounds. The Bill was introduced and passed in the Lok Sabha but is yet to be cleared in the Rajya Sabha.

Last week, he had told to the sources of Hindi News Paper that Parliamentary Affairs Minister V. Narayanasamy had sent a letter detailing steps taken by the government to bring in the Lokpal Bill.
“If Prime Minister Manmohan Singh can pledge to get the Prevention of Communal Violence Bill passed in Parliament, why can’t he do the same for the much-delayed anti-graft law?” Mr. Hazare asked.

Recalling his earlier hunger fast in Delhi, Mr. Hazare said, “Sonia Gandhi wrote a letter saying that the government is ready to bring the Jan Lokpal Bill and asked me to end the fast. I trusted her and I ended my fast.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Stampede Causes Death Toll: Madhya Pradesh Temple

In Madhya Pradesh on Monday Due to stampede during Navratri festival the death toll climbed to 115 near a temple with a number of people who had carried away the bodies of their relatives turning up for autopsy.

Around 100 people were left injured in the stampede. On Sunday the rumors were triggered that devotees were crossing a river bridge that was about to collapse. Deputy inspector general (DIG) DK Arya revealed that due to stampede they have received reports of 115 deaths from ratangarh.

Sources from Gwalior News revealed that it is mandatory for taking compensation and for that certain people are turning up for autopsy, who had carried away the bodies of their closed ones and relatives. Into this mishap a judicial inquiry was ordered by the state government which was an appalling re-run of the tragedy when over 56 pilgrims were washed away after water was released in the Sindh River from upstream in 2006 at the same site.

Police had earlier said that 89 people were killed in the mishap, including 31 women and 17 children. Till morning on 111 bodies Autopsies were conducted, acknowledged by RS Gupta, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of Datia district

Ex-Gratia of Rs 1.5 lakh to the kind of those killed in the stampede was announced with the approval of the state election commission in poll-bound MP by the state government. Assistance of Rs 50,000 is also announced by the government to the seriously injured and Rs 25,000 each for those who suffered minor injuries in the mishap.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Protest Continues due to Bifurcation of State: Andhra Pradesh

On Tuesday workers shut down the thermal plants due to the power shut down in the southern parts of India people faced huge amount of losses at their corporation firms and industries. The electricity employees were on strike because they were protesting bifurcation of the state and as a result of their strike several villages and towns remained cut off from power supply.

The process for creating a separate Telangana state carved out from Andhra Pradesh was approved by the Union Cabinet on October 3. The major establishments including airports, railways, and hospitals were badly hit in terms of power supply due to the strike of the electricity employees strike.

Due to lack of electricity, emergencies like medical services along with Rail and air traffic have been badly hit. The backup power helped to run Tirupati and Vijayawada airports. People and state employees continue their agitation protesting against the Union Cabinet's decision to bifurcate the state, despite severe hardships, in Rayalaseema and coastal Andhra regions relentlessly.

After normalcy began to return in the violence-hit area on Tuesday morning, for an hour curfew was eased in Vizianagaram town even during the relaxation period as strict vigil was being maintained, Sources from Hindi Online News reported. Anti-bifurcation agitators who remained unabated and clashed with police on Monday also woke up large-scale violence Curfew on Saturday night in Vizianagaram town.

Prime minister met Union tourism minister K Chiranjeevi, Union human resource and development (HRD) minister M M Pallam Raju, minister of state for commerce D Purandeswari and minister of state for railways Surya Prakash Reddy and pressed for acceptance of their resignations.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Teaching Staff Shortage as Per The Student Ratio In IIT

To get to the ideal teacher- student ratio, it is projected that the elite institutes will be taken close to a decade by the Indian Institutes of Technology. At present, the ratio must be concern in IITs as it is stipulated by the government that a teacher-student ratio must be 1:10. At present the faculty strength is 3,904 all India.

An IIT director said that "Around 35 to 40 new teachers are being picked by the older IITs annually”. He also revealed that as PhD members went up and due to OBC expansion, the student strength has risen rapidly. To take the faculty numbers up so sharply and quickly it is not easy for them, say Next to impossible.

The Director of IIT RoorKee Pradipto Banerjee stated "Just because we are facing staff shortage, the quality of teaching faculty cannot be compromised and even we do not want to compromise. It has been acknowledged that extra burden goes on our existing teachers, but we are searching for good people”. Recruitment will start once the finance ministry gives its nod.

"Better-qualified people are qualified for modern equipment and sophisticated labs," says the IIT head. As per the need of an individual institute people will be recruited and the requirement will be submitted by each IIT. 

According to the latest updates from Hindi News Paper, the responsibility of running the labs has been on the shoulders of the faculty and the staff. The faculty members will be able devote time to teaching and research and will be free from the responsibility of looking after the labs and the workshops by the help of new technical cadre staff.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Kedarnath Temple : Prayers Are On After Three Months.

On Wednesday the flood-hit Kedarnath temple have opened the doors for the pilgrims after deathly silence and shut for nearly three months. As soon as the sanctification and atonement ceremonies at the sanctum that has been already spruced up by the authorities are done, routine prayers resumed soon at the Himalayan shrine in Uttarakhand.

Power, water and mobile connectivity have also been restored. The Chief Minister Vijay Bahuguna and also the top brass of the state government are expected to attend the ceremony. To complete the preparations at shrine, a government body managing the shrine and the staff of the Badrinath Kedarnath Temple Committee (BKTC) - have already reached the shrine.

In every Ten days the new staff will replace the staff members those who are on duty. On a rotation basis the services of the staff will be provided. To restart the “Puja” all the preparations have been done. The district administration has allowed restricted entry to the shrine for pilgrims to reduce the pressure from the local people.

The Rudraprayag administration, earlier just after flood tragedy, had placed a ban on pilgrim’s entry into the temple. Now, the batches of pilgrims consisting around 20-25 pilgrims will be allowed to visit the shrine at a time.

According to the sources from Hindi News, the state government got huge embarrassment after the recent recovery of dead bodies in the valley. “All the dead bodies have been removed from the valley by police in August” State police claimed it.

Friday, 30 August 2013

Co-Founder Of Indian Mujahideen Militant Group Got Arrested.

The arrest of Yasin Bhatkal has been announced on Thursday, August 29 in India, He is amongst most-wanted men in the country, blamed for killing hundreds in the serial attacks and he is the co-founder of Indian Mujahideen militant group.

Bhatkal is in the police custody in the northern state of Bihar and was arrested near the porous border with Nepal, “He is being interrogated,” said the home minister Sushil Kumar. “Intelligence agencies that were involved cannot be disclosed” Shinde told to the reporters in New Delhi.

Following the serial blast in Uttar Pradesh, in November 2007 Indian Mujahideen came to public attention that is banned now. Including Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi and Pune it is accused of a number of attacks.

In the western city of Pune on the German Bakery restaurant in 2010 when a bomb placed in a rucksack killed 17 people, Bhatkal was named as a co-conspirator over that attack including five foreigners. Reports revealed that on CCTV footage Bhatkal was captured in the restaurant planting the bomb shortly before the blast.

For Indian Security forces His arrest on Wednesday evening is another success following the detention earlier this month of alleged top militant Abdul Karim Tunda, who is thought to be a senior member of the LeT.

Bhatkal, from the southern state of Karnataka, was arrested in 2008 in the city of Kolkata but was able to flee after being granted bail by officers who were unaware of his identity, the India News reported.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Dynamics Of Online News

Huge population of India shows interest in watching or reading India News. India is known for the unity of diverse cultures and traditions. Initially with less literacy, readership extended to the remote interiors and the new platform was dominated by newspapers. Readership is still retained by Newspapers, readers are updated about various types of news such as news, breaking news, sports news, entertainment news.

The visible show of the reports gained the impetus when TV was introduced in India. Then the era of Internet came to provide the online news solely by a simple click on the reports around the globe. You will get a glimpse of the breaking news within few seconds in between your working time by browsing through India news on-line with the help of high speed broadband connection.

The news channels and agencies are benefiting in dual manner with the help of websites. All the coverage can be made live on the television as well as on the corresponding website. Various news channels and agencies and their respective websites updates numerous news stories every hour in the present scenario. Online portals mainly concentrate on the concept of providing the latest news and the current affairs in a consolidated form in front of the audience.

According to the analysis done on these websites, it can be concluded that the interesting facts, entertainment news, thrilling news, and knowledgeable articles are present in the news portals. Hence, you can log on to any of these websites and can read the best regarding your requirement about any information on any current happening on India news.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Final Arguments to commence - "Delhi Gang Rape"

Four adults accused for allegedly for the gang rape of a 23-year-old medical student in a bus, recording of the evidence concluded on Wednesday, a special court stated that final arguments to commence from Thursday.

After, the statements were recorded on behalf of accused Vinay Sharma, Akshay Thakur, Pawan Gupta and mukesh August 22nd is fixed by additional sessions judge Yogesh Khanna to start final arguments.
 The court stated that "the final arguments to start today (August 22) and defense evidence on behalf of all accused stands closed. The prosecution will begin first".
"On 16th of December, in DDA district park church organized a music event at Hauz Khas in south Delhi and he was there in that event" Vinay claimed in his statement and co-accused Pawan also claimed that he was also present there. However, the prosecution witnesses rejected those claims made by vinay and pawan.
Akshay also made the same plea and said that a day prior to incident he had left for his village in Bihar and was not present in the bus.
At the time of Mukesh's deposition he said, he was driving the bus in which the girl was sexually assaulted and her male friend was brutally attacked by his brother Ram Singh, Vinay, Pawan, Akshay.
However, before the judge Mukesh's submissions were refuted by the other three and had claimed innocence saying they were not in the bus.
According to the prosecution, In a moving bus after alluring, the girl was gang raped allegedly by Ram Singh, Vinay, Akshay, Pawan and Mukesh and her male friend was assaulted with an iron rod.
During the scuffle the victim's male friend suffered a fracture, but due to her injuries the girl died on 29th of December, 2012 while undergoing treatment in a Singapore hospital. This was one of the most sad News in India on that day.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Evolution of "Hindi News Online"

The urge to know about the happenings across the world has always been on the top priority in India. The term "News" refers to all these happenings across the world. In India News has its own importance in everyone's life. Earlier, the people in India got daily news from newspapers only. As the globalization spreading rapidly all over the world, Indians felt the need to be informed with the recent events of the world. The history of newspapers in India is very interesting.

Hindi is the mother tongue of every Indian and also the binding language of India. Though only English newspapers gained prominence in the 18th century, in the mid 19th century there was a rise of several vernacular newspapers, especially Bengali, Hindi and Marathi. The Majority of Indian population is highly comfortable in speaking and even reading Hindi language. That's why Indian Hindi newspapers are very popular.
Recently it has been noticed in India, rather than those daily spreadsheets, the youth of India prefers Indian news online as they don't have much time to spare at home for newspapers and other activities due to long working hours. Media that is working online has been benefited a lot by online newspaper, online newspaper can be easily updated with every time a major incident or event takes place. So, young India can be updated in an easy manner with all the latest news with the help of Hindi news online.
There are several advantages of online news, the news sites have become an integration of print and broadcast media with the amalgamation of text, video and audio. Moreover, the features of online news sites includes, news alerts on your phone; so you can get the updates of every minute sitting at your workplace. At present, many online news websites and blogs are increasing rapidly in India. Among them only a few Hindi News Online websites and blogs maintain quality and regularity.

Culture Of Hindi news Media and Hindi News Paper.

Today in this world Media is an essential factor. Rapidly the tradition of our media commonality is increasing in our nation. In our country, the industry of Hindi media has also gained incredible status. The importance of Hindi language in India greatly helped the Hindi news channels and newspapers to enhance the importance of media culture by performing an impeccable job in providing news. Hindi language serves in various regional newspapers and news channels like Bihar news or Uttar Pradesh news. The importance of Hindi is very essential in these states because these states are Hindi-speaking states. Hindi based Bihar news and Uttar Pradesh news are immensely popular among the people of this region.

Hindi language is the main focus for Indians as to make themselves aware of their culture roots. In such situation, many languages are losing their uniqueness in our country. Tremendous change has been prevailing in the minds of people by Hindi news channels and
Hindi News Paper towards the Hindi language. Previously, it was only the Government works and business was confined to Hindi language, but now all over the country the essence of this language is spreading. People are paying equal attention to Hindi and to the Hindi media industry as compared to English.
People can relate themselves effectively with much ease to the events and situations that take place in various cities and across the whole nation with the news in Hindi. The media can reach to people very easily today with the help of the factors introduced by technology at present. Today different types of news are available for the people by message alerts on phone that enables people to know the events instantly. This facility always helps in reducing the communication gap between the media and common people.