Monday, 14 October 2013

Stampede Causes Death Toll: Madhya Pradesh Temple

In Madhya Pradesh on Monday Due to stampede during Navratri festival the death toll climbed to 115 near a temple with a number of people who had carried away the bodies of their relatives turning up for autopsy.

Around 100 people were left injured in the stampede. On Sunday the rumors were triggered that devotees were crossing a river bridge that was about to collapse. Deputy inspector general (DIG) DK Arya revealed that due to stampede they have received reports of 115 deaths from ratangarh.

Sources from Gwalior News revealed that it is mandatory for taking compensation and for that certain people are turning up for autopsy, who had carried away the bodies of their closed ones and relatives. Into this mishap a judicial inquiry was ordered by the state government which was an appalling re-run of the tragedy when over 56 pilgrims were washed away after water was released in the Sindh River from upstream in 2006 at the same site.

Police had earlier said that 89 people were killed in the mishap, including 31 women and 17 children. Till morning on 111 bodies Autopsies were conducted, acknowledged by RS Gupta, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of Datia district

Ex-Gratia of Rs 1.5 lakh to the kind of those killed in the stampede was announced with the approval of the state election commission in poll-bound MP by the state government. Assistance of Rs 50,000 is also announced by the government to the seriously injured and Rs 25,000 each for those who suffered minor injuries in the mishap.

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