Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Evolution of "Hindi News Online"

The urge to know about the happenings across the world has always been on the top priority in India. The term "News" refers to all these happenings across the world. In India News has its own importance in everyone's life. Earlier, the people in India got daily news from newspapers only. As the globalization spreading rapidly all over the world, Indians felt the need to be informed with the recent events of the world. The history of newspapers in India is very interesting.

Hindi is the mother tongue of every Indian and also the binding language of India. Though only English newspapers gained prominence in the 18th century, in the mid 19th century there was a rise of several vernacular newspapers, especially Bengali, Hindi and Marathi. The Majority of Indian population is highly comfortable in speaking and even reading Hindi language. That's why Indian Hindi newspapers are very popular.
Recently it has been noticed in India, rather than those daily spreadsheets, the youth of India prefers Indian news online as they don't have much time to spare at home for newspapers and other activities due to long working hours. Media that is working online has been benefited a lot by online newspaper, online newspaper can be easily updated with every time a major incident or event takes place. So, young India can be updated in an easy manner with all the latest news with the help of Hindi news online.
There are several advantages of online news, the news sites have become an integration of print and broadcast media with the amalgamation of text, video and audio. Moreover, the features of online news sites includes, news alerts on your phone; so you can get the updates of every minute sitting at your workplace. At present, many online news websites and blogs are increasing rapidly in India. Among them only a few Hindi News Online websites and blogs maintain quality and regularity.

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